About Macomb County

Macomb County is the ninth smallest of Michigan's 83 counties (with 482 square miles), yet it ranks third in population with 840,000 residents. It is one of three counties that comprise the Detroit Metropolitan area. (one of the top 10 metro areas in the US) Among the county's 27 municipalities are included three of the ten largest communities in Michigan; Warren (3rd), Sterling Heights (6th), and Clinton Township (10th).

Financial Responsibility
Macomb County consistently offers the lowest tax base in the region with only 11 cents of every property tax dollar going to support county services. Macomb County has the highest possible credit rating from Moody's (AAA) and Standard & Poor's (AAA) making it one of only 34 counties in the entire nation to achieve this status.

Business Environment
Manufacturing is Macomb County's leading industry, employing roughly one-third of the workforce. Major manufacturers alone have invested over $2 billion in the county since 1990. Macomb County is their "location of choice" because they recognize that the business environment, quality infrastructure, and productive workforce make for a smart investment that will pay handsome dividends well into the future.

In 2006, for the 25th consecutive year, Macomb County won more awards from the National Association of Counties than any other county in Michigan.

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